10 Eok (2009)

Take a bunch of losers and strand them in the Australian wilderness to win a load of cash – no, wait, that’s Survivor. Get them to kill and be killed, ending up with two remaining, only one can survive – nope, Battle Royale nailed that. OK, eight Korean hotties compete for $1 million against a crazy rich guy with an ulterior motive – now we’re getting there.


The title refers to the sum they are competing for – 10 eok or One Million (USD, its English title). Or 10,000,000,000 won (Korean currency), whichever you prefer.  10 Eok is directed by Jo Min Ho who also wrote this flick. It stars the adorable Shin Min-A from Mawang, Volcano High and Sad Movie (how adorable is she in that?) Park Hae Soon is the deranged ‘director’ (crazy rich guy), and does a nice line in chewing scenery, but bis it all worth it? Weeell….


Here Australia is presented as vast and inhospitable (nothing new about that) where nutters can stalk and murder willy nilly (OK, OK, there have been some real life incidents) but I still think a game show would have some overseeing before the bodies started piling up. There barely an Aussie to be seen, except for a couple of late arriving cops and an airport worker who identifies himself as Australian by saying ‘fuck off’ to an Asian. He’s played by Matt Hodgkinson, who went on to better things as production assistant on The Wolverine.

In fact, everyone in this movie has dome better things, but it does pass a fairly entertaining couple of hours on a wet Saturday with a bag of prawn chips.


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