Lunar New Year Approaches – Good Stuff on SBS

As Lunar New Year approaches, SBS On demand contines to screen top notch Asian movies like these:

Forever Enthralled

zhang ziyi

Zhang Ziyi is the big draw here, but her role is not what you would expect. The film is a biography of one of China’s most famous opera stars of the 30s, Mei Lan Fan, played by unknown actor Yu Shaoquin. Mei Lan Fan played dan or female roles in Chinese opera, while Zhang Ziyi plays Meng Xiaodong, Fan’s lover and an opera singer who played men’s roles. An opera on her life was performed last year. Forever Enthralled was directed by Kaige Chen (The Promise).

Little Big Soldier


One of ACC’s favourite Jackie Chan Movies, where he plays an old soldier who has stayed alive entirely due to his own wits, who ‘captures’ a gung-ho young general from the enemy state (played by Leeholm Wang) to hopefully get a reward when he gets him back home. It’s a beautifully crafted, funny, sad and engaging movie that is well worth the popcorn.

The Promise


Kaige Chen’s visually sumptuous tale of a mysterious princess and the three men who vie for her affections was China’s biggest ever budget movie in 2005. It starred glorious Cecelia Cheung as the princess and a trio of desireable men as her suiters: the ever wonderful Hiroyuke Sanada is the general; Warrior’s Way‘s Dong-Gun Jang as the slave Kunlun; and Nicholas Tse as Whuan. Lucky girl, you’d think, but of course it’s all very tragic and utterly enthralling as a fantastic tale unfolds. A full revue will be coming soon – promise.


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