The Cafe’s obsession with Dingdong Dantes continues. Although we will always think of him as Sir Kenneth, the cheeky charmer from I Heart You Pare, let’s face it, he would brighten up an insurance ad for us. Or a mad muddle of SF movie tropes called Resiklo (Recycle). It’s the most expensive movie ever made in the Philippines, it’s the first with Dolby 7 sound, and it won Best Float at the 2007 Manila Movie Festival using a recycled robot from the movie. What’s not to love?

An alien race called the Balangs has conquered Earth, forcing humans to use up their resources fighting back. The survivors have retreated to the last remaining city in the Philippines, which they call Paraiso (Paradise). With nothing left but ruins and scrap, they get busy recycling what they can scavenge into weapons. It’s a clever SF premise,carried off with aplomb, flair and a fair amount of tongue in cheek.


Dantes plays Angelo, who with military man Crisval (Ramon Revila Jr) leads a rag tag team of rebels against the Balangs, their towering battle droids and the humans they have mutated to serve them. Revila Jr purports to be the star of this movie, and he and director Mark Reyes did pick up nominations at the FAMAS (Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences) Awards in 2008, but it’s Dantes we want to see. He’s the only man in the world who can get away with a nickname like Dingdong, and here he is in a movie that is loads of fun and packed with people who are easy on the eye. Pass the popcorn.




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