it’s all Bling and Spectacle for the Year of the Horse

The Year of the Wood Horse is shaping up to be awesome for fashion and movies. Those born in the Year of the Horse are going to feel right at home with wearable fashions that don’t restrict movement or get in the way of having a good time. Horse people favour the athletic, healthy look over the tiny silhouettes of a Snake Year (last year), and with the Winter Olympics taking center stage on the sporting scene, there will be an emphasis on fitness and strength. So expect to see a stronger push for healthy, well endowed bodies on the fashion scene.

Some designers have already picked up on this new fashion vibe. DKNY have launched a Year of the Horse fashion collection with the horse motif emblazoned as boldly as a Ferrari logo on T-shirt dresses and baseball jackets. Donna Karan has chosen the color red for the collection because of its association with the Sign of the Horse and as a good luck symbol for Chinese New Year. There are also bags and slinky lace dresses included in the collection. It is aimed at the Asian market but is sure to be picked up elsewhere.

Rolls Royce will be rolling out a limited edition ‘Majestic Horse’ Ghost Model with horses inspired by Chinese art sprinkled all over the exterior and interior.

Davidoff is presenting Year of the Horse cigars in red lacquer boxes so if you are rich enough you can hack your way into the new year, while French jeweller S.T. Dupont has produced an extraordinary gold lighter in the shape of a horse. You have to be even richer to light those cigars, I guess, but the lighter is truly beautiful.

You can expect to see horse imagery everywhere, especially around the home, with a growing trend in horse paintings and statues. Travel will be popular – Horse Years are restless – but as this years Horse is of the element of wood, and tinted green, no doubt eco-tourism will be a factor. 

Now to the upcoming movies…

The Monkey King is back, but I’m not sure about Donny Yen in the role. Jet Li was the only cinema Monkey King that lived up to Masaaki Sakai in my opinion, but it does look great and has a most stupendous dragon. The Horse in question is the one ridden by the monk Tripitaka, also known as the White Dragon Horse. I could be dragged along to see it.

There will presumably be a horse or two in Kenshin, but more importantly there will be Tatsuya Fujiwara – and he plays the bad guy!

Studio Ghibli is again taking inspiration from an English novel, with the release of When Marnie Was There by Joan C. Robinson. The director is Yonebayashi Hiromasa, who directed Arriety. But before that I am hoping to see The Wind Rises, Hayao’s last film. There has been some controversy about it, as it is a biography of Jiro Horikoshi, who designed the fighter plane used by the Japanese Army in WWII. It comes from Hayao’s love of the romance and history of manned flight – it won’t glorify war. No horses, but Hayao prefers the ones that soar through the sky anyway.

I can’t find the trailer for Over Your Dead Body, but Takeshi Miike and Ko Shibasaki? O.M.G. Any horses? Who cares!




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