Miyazaki talks of retirement

English: Hayao Miyazaki at the 2009 San Diego ...
English: Hayao Miyazaki at the 2009 San Diego Comic-Con. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After decades of enchantment, to think that one of the world’s most gifted animated film makers will no longer pick up a pencil and create a beautiful work of art is rather hard to bear. Yet Hayao Miyazaki is quite determined this time, that he will retire and concentrate on other things beside ‘slaving away on deadlines’.

This article gives insight into his decision to retire, and the gentle, eclectic character of the man. One wonders what ‘other things’ he will spend his retirement time on. One is the Studio Ghibli Museum in Tokyo, where apparently the exhibits ‘need refreshing’. He jokes he might even become one himself. But for such a creative soul, there will always be something to do, and he does intend to keep on working, but at a slower pace.

This is something I understand very well. Now that I am retired, it is very pleasant to live without deadlines, take my time, and explore the hobby side of the things I used to do for a living. But I am not Miyazaki, and he will be badly missed by lovers of Studio Ghibli films. His last film, The Wind Rises, goes back to his love of flying, which was so richly expressed in Pocco Rosso. Studlio Ghibli has already released many films in which he didn’t have a hand, and will simply continue to make movies.

I reccomend reading the article, although I can’t help wondering if the writer actually saw Spirited Away. If so, then he or she didn’t quite get a grasp of the plot.

Empire Online has a very good retrospective of Miyazai’s films for Studio Ghibli.


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