Lee Byung-Hun at the Tivoli Drive-in

The local Tivoli Drive-in is one of our favourite cinema venues. We can always count on two new release movies being screened, and last weekend it was GI Joe: Retaliation and Star Trek Into Darkness. The only reason to see GI Joe, of course, is this:

images (2)

Though actually there is more of this:



Why else would you see this movie? Dwayne Johnson? Don’t make me laugh. Bruce Willis? Once upon a movie, maybe. But in this latest excursion into Hasbroland, Lee has managed to take a flying leap over the usual Hollywood direction for Asian actors – “Just look inscrutable and wave a sword around” – and managed to get some actual characterization into his role. That is probably due to an Asian director, Jon Chu – alas, Chu’s skills didn’t stretch as far as getting a decent performance out of Dwayne Johnson. A man can only do so much. He had far less to work with there.

Here’s an idea of what Lee looked like onscreen at night with the cars around- just magical. (I admit to a bit of creative licence here).

byung onscreen

Lee must be getting used to working with Willis, because they are also in RED 2 together. Lee has a lot of scenes with Helen Mirren, going by the trailer. All round it looks like by far the better movie, and I have to see it.

As for Star Trek Into Darkness – it was awesome. Benedict Cumberbatch is awesome, Zoe Saldana is awesome, Simon Pegg is awesome, and so is everyone else. There is nothing not to love here.



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