Mosburger at Surfers Paradise

The Japanese Mosburger chain have made themselves at home in South East Queensland, with franchises in Brisbane, Sunnybank, Booval, Australia Fair and Surfer’s Paradise. The restaurant at Booval Fair shopping centre is closest to us locally, but there is nothing like ordering a yummy rice burger and iced tea and enjoying your meal with the Pacific Ocean just across the road.

If you want a regular burger with a bun and beef patty, you can have one, but why would you when the rice burgers, with filling like pork and ginger with kimchi, and kakiage are so delicious?

The rice burgers have buns made of steamed rice, with a brown crust, if you haven’t tried one  – they are just lovely, they don’t fall apart , they hold together beautifully and they taste so much better than bread buns. Of course, they also complement the spicy filling better than bread buns would.

I love the way the burgers are presented, in baskets, and you can have fries with that as well – but for me a cup of cranberry tea with do fine.


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