My Sassy Girl

A whole decade and a bit has gone by since this movie was released and it is still one of the funniest rom coms ever made. It is based on the real-life blog of Kim Ho-Sik, writing about his relationship with an unnamed girl. She’s a terror, abusing him, testing him, embarrassing him in public, and generally making his life hell. Why does he put up with it? Because she is suffering and he believes he can help her.

 How to torture a man #1: Have a fat day and make him carry you
So it is also one of the most romantic and touching movies ever made – Cha tae-Hyun plays the hapless hero, rescuer and victim, while Jun Ji-Hyun (now known as Gianna Jun from Blood: The Last Vampire) plays the girl. From their first meeting, when the drunk girl vomits on the bald head of an elderly train passenger, to the meeting with another old man that awakens her to the realisation that she knew real love, this movie couple will steal your heart.
 How to torture a man #2: Make a Sadako face at him
It will be Valentine’s Day soon, what better way to celebrate than with this movie, a box of chocs and some champagne? Especially if you are single.

BTW if you are googling this movie and the American remake comes up instead – run, don’t walk, away.


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